Oral Surgery

Dr. Liang does extractions for adults and children, which include difficult extractions such as wisdom teeth extractions (3rd molar extractions).  If an implant is needed to replace missing tooth/teeth, ridge preservation procedure may be necessary.  

Ridge Preservation after Extraction - A Bone Graft Procedure to Preserve Bone Bed for Implant Placement in the future

Ridge Preservation usually means that after a tooth being extracted, bone graft material is being placed into the extraction site to prevent bone loss of the extraction site, in order to preserve the height and width of the alveolar ridge.  According to studies, 30-60% bone loss will occur on the extraction site in the first year if no ridge preservation procedure is done.  This procedure is easy, inexpensive and very effective to preserve bone volume if performed simultaneously while the tooth is extracted.   The abundant of bone volume will be much easier for implant placement later.

Please feel free to discuss the options of bone graft materials for the procedure with Dr. Liang.

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