Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Liang does root canal treatment for adults and children, including anterior teeth, bicuspids, molars, and retreatment of previous failed root canal.  Root canal treatment should not and does not hurt.

Root canal treatment is to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected.  The infected pulp tissue is removed so that the tooth can be saved.

The reasons you might need root canal are:

- Severe decay extended into pulp

- Cracked tooth, chipped tooth, tooth traumatized.

- Nerve tissue irritated and having strong cold, hot and pressure sensitivity.

Success rate of root canal treatment:

- Over 90% of initial and early treatment is successful, which means if you have a large cavity and having pain, you should call a dentist ASAP.  If the tooth becomes abscessed, the success rate drops.

- If abscess develops, or failed root canal tooth needs retreatment, the success is less.

Root canal treatment is to remove infected tissue, and to kill bacteria inside the pulp chamber of the infected tooth.  Therefore, we do not need to remove the tooth.  Root canal procedure does not hurt; in fact, more people doze off during this procedure compared to other procedures at our office because the procedure processes less activities compared to other procedures such as filling, crown, or extraction.

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