Dr Joe Liang is the most trusting dentist that I have found in my nearly 50 years. Since my first dental emergency on a Saturday night - and by the way, I was not yet a patient for that emergency, I have now been so for 5 years, and have brought my family (wife and two children) as well. I have had several procedures from extractions and crowns to simple cleanings, and I am planning an implant procedure later this year. I have also recommended him to several friends who have said nothing but how pleased they are with his manner, his staff, and above all, his skill. I would recommend Dr. Liang for any and all procedures to anyone who has ever had an unpleasant experience at the Dentist, as I certain he will restore your confidence.

Bob Jungbluth, Orinda, CA

I received an implant on my front tooth. My front tooth was infected and lost a lot of bone. The whole procedure to restore the tooth was long, from pulling, to add bone inside the gum, and finally put in the implant and tooth. Thanks to Dr. Liang and his staff, they worked so patiently, and professional, the result is great. Also, I was allowed to pay by installment, thank you.

William Ku, Walnut Creek, CA

My family is with Dr. Liang for many years. Because his great skill, I am confident to put my dental care in this hand. I had many treatments done by him including wisdom teeth extraction, root canals, crowns. More amazingly, my gum on my front teeth receding, Dr. Liang performed a small surgery and brought my gum level back to where it supposed to be. I really did not know a procedure liked that could be done and he did it so perfectly with so little pain.

Andela Ku, Walnut Creek, CA

I have been wearing dentures for many years; my bottom denture was very loose and caused my gum sore. Dr. Liang placed 4 implants to support my denture, my bottom denture becomes very stable and I can chew anything. I recommend anyone who has denture problem please consider this procedure and talk to Dr. Liang. Thank you for the good work.

Terese Drucquer, Walnut Creek, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Liang for several years and have had some difficult dental problems which he was able to resolve for me with excellent results. What impressed me about Dr. Liang's expertise is his ability to offer various alternatives on one's dental problems, and he himself can perform the various modalities of treatment without having to refer me to other specialists, for such procedures as root canal treatment, gum surgery, extractions, implants, etc., I have always been pleased with the services from Dr. Liang and his staff, and have recommended several of my relatives and friends to him for dental treatment, all of whom have been satisfied with his services. And I would not hesitate to recommend anyone in need of dental treatment, whether major or minor, to Dr. Liang.

Fred DaSilva, Concord, CA

Dr. Liang and his staff are very caring, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Whenever calling for an appointment I am able to get in quickly. Dr. Liang is able to give an exact amount the patient will owe, after the insurance pays, at the time you have the procedure. I am always completely satisfied with the work I have received.

Lorraine Taylor, Walnut Creek, CA

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Liang and his Staff. Dr. Liang’s Staff is very professional and competent , and equally as important, warm and friendly. I always enjoy my visits with them. I have found Dr. Liang to be patient and considerate while performing major procedures such as skin grafting and bonding and minor procedures such as simple cleaning. He is experienced as well as gentle and has done excellent dental work for me. I know I am not an easy patient yet Dr. Liang is always very caring and extremely patient. Dr. Liang is fabulous! I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Liang’s practice and to be in his care.

Jackie Rich, Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Liang is a very professional and caring dentist. He always gives honest treatment options. He has such soft hands. I have many dental problems and been to many dentists, he simply is the best.

Kim Wong, Walnut Creek, CA

My former dentist really did a number on my mouth. Dr. Liang was able to fix two failed root canals. He gave me implants. He patiently showed me how to clean my teeth where I had a bridge. I am the biggest coward when it comes to pain. Dr. Liang is gentle. He explains in lay man's terms before performing difficult prodedures. After the procedure is done, he follows up with a phone call to check up. His staff takes their cue from him. They are warm and efficient. I thank God that I finally found a wonderful dentist.

Teresa De Graca, Concord, CA

Dr. Liang and Staff always deliver exceptional and professional service. They are the best dental group I have had the pleasure of working with. I am thoroughly impressed with their quality of work, not just to myself but for each and every client that walks through their door! I feel more confident and smile brighter since my first visit. They genuinely provide the very best of care. I can only say good things about their practice, and I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Flo Trinidad, Pleasant Hill, CA

I just have to say that Dr. Liang is the absolute best dentist I have ever been to! I used to be so afraid of going to a dentist that I lost a lot of teeth and had some really bad experiences, but Dr. Liang is gentle and an absolute perfectionist! He made me smile again without being so self conscious. He is the BEST!

Joy Carchidi, Concord

I have been treated by Dr. Liang for many years. I had wisdom teeth extracted and many fillings done by Dr. Liang. He was skillful, confident, and gentle; and I hardly felt the shot almost every time. I strongly recommend Dr. Liang to anyone who needs a great dentist.


I first met Dr. Liang ten years ago when I was searching for a new dentist. Before I went to him, I used a coupon from another office that offered an exam and x-rays for $60. A very old fil ling in a back tooth broke when I ate a tootsie roll so I needed dental services, fast. That dental office took x-rays and gave me an estimate of $1685.00 for a root canal and crown. That’s a lot of money and I didn’t have dental insurance. I decided to get a second opinion and found my way to Dr. Liang’s office. I don’t recall mentioning to him my experience with this other office. He took x-rays and told me he couldn’t be sure until he actually got inside to look, but that he thought I only needed a crown. He quoted me $600, x-rays and consultation included and, I believe, $400 more if I needed a root canal. As it happened, I didn’t need a root canal. For the longest time, I couldn’t help but to be so happy that I saved myself almost $1100.00 because I took the time to get a second opinion.

Dr. Liang laughs and smiles a lot! I love that he smiles. His presence makes you feel like he’s a normal person to be around, even though, when you look at his credentials, he’s far from being normal. When I first met him, I was impressed that he was licensed to practice dentistry in two countries, the US and China. When I went to visit him yesterday, I noticed on his new business card that he’s now a Fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. It’s been a while since I’ve been to him because, like many Americans, I’ve been out of full time permanent employment for three years so, short of an emergency, dental costs are not in my budget. But, now I was facing a serious emergency. I called his office about my issue and, within minutes, he personally called me back. Less than 24 hours later, I was in his office. Need I say that I advised him of my financial woes. He explained what I could do to remedy the problem and quoted me a minimum charge, which was just a few dollars more than the typical cost of an exam. As it happened, he did what we aimed for but it took far more of his time to get there than anticipated and I fully understood why that was the case. But, he was cognizant of my employment problem and only added a very small additional amount for his services which were superb, as usual!

While his website claims his daughter, Michelle, is his number one fan as a patient, I’m sure I’m not the only patient who considers himself or herself second only to her. Normally, most professionals I encounter I address by their title and last name, or first name if the relationship is on that level. With Dr. Liang, I have a habit of just calling him “Doctor”. I think it’s my subconscious expressing how much I respect him for his skill as a consummate expert in his profession and my subliminal need to acknowledge him accordingly. Before you see another dentist, treat yourself and make an appointment to see Dr. Liang. You won’t be sorry. I never thought I would voluntarily write a testimonial for anyone much less a dentist from my prior experiences, but it’s a pleasure to write one for Doctor Liang.

Monica Ray, Pleasant Hill

I grew up in a dentist chair with very sensitive teeth and I used to need nitrous in order to get injection of Novocain just to have my teeth cleaned...Dr. Liang changed all of that...it's like he was born with a gift! I never feel the injections because he is THAT GOOD at what does! I wish I never had gone to any other DDS as I would go as far to say " I would not have issues today if Dr. Liang was the DDS that worked on my teeth initially" I actually enjoy going to the Dentist! His office & staff treat you like family and keep you in good spirits, you almost forget where you are!

Pamela Cincotta, Pleasant Hill

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